Wall Street Analyst Offers Praise for Full Self Driving Technology

In this YouTube video, Mobileye CEO, Amnon Shashua, delivers a scathing critique of Tesla’s AI Full Self-Driving (FSD) version 12, while a Wall Street AI Analyst offers high praise for the technology. Shashua expresses concerns about Tesla’s approach to autonomous driving, highlighting what he perceives as flaws in their strategy and implementation. He criticizes the use of cameras as the primary sensors for Tesla’s FSD system, arguing that this approach is fundamentally flawed and will not lead to safe and reliable autonomous driving.

On the other hand, the Wall Street AI Analyst offers a contrasting perspective, commending Tesla’s FSD technology and its potential to revolutionize the automotive industry. The analyst cites Tesla’s significant progress in advancing autonomous driving capabilities and praises the company for its innovative use of artificial intelligence in tackling complex driving scenarios.

The video presents a fascinating clash of opinions between two experts in the field of autonomous driving technology, offering viewers valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of Tesla’s FSD system. By examining differing viewpoints on the topic, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with developing fully autonomous vehicles.

believe companies like Tesla deploying singular neural network systems for self-driving are taking on too much risk and what would be a prudent approach well the answer is of course redundancy you actually right if you take one branch of your system with one technology with one AI you’re very much exposed if a bus cuts in front of you the model to act in a way that would prevent the accident but if you have one million models in the crowd you have likelihood that there is a model will prevent you from accidents like that I believe in redundancy I believe not in singular neuronet but in multiple paths to enable really truly safe system I firmly believe that the approach of building redundancy in a safe responsible way is the most complicated challenging expensive computing that you would have to do because you have to make sure that all systems agree with each other if any one system detects an issue all systems have to agree with fixable and safe behavior so I foresee years where four systems will dominate the car so this is the this is the way of moving forward the ensure the industry is to build redundancy in a car not rely on a single system you start to see what miles behind the but better once you’ll get there you’ll stay there for a long time well said professor it’s a good time statement let’s go back to Tesla I hope we can see them winning that race that would be a fascinating outcome where you have a company that rides itself on efficiencies and margins come out on top amidst everyone else who is doing quite the opposite your final question will direct this to the audience as well why did Tesla decide to use the player net a model designed for image synthesis to render the road ahead thank you for watching this video and please consider hitting the subscribe button for more content like this and have a great day.

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