SpaceX Starship Updates: Booster 10 & Ship 28 Rolled Out for Launch Preparations

In this exciting video from TheSpaceXShow, viewers are taken behind the scenes of the latest updates on SpaceX’s Starship project. Booster 10 and Ship 28 are rolled out in preparation for their upcoming launch, showcasing the impressive scale and capabilities of these cutting-edge spacecraft.

As the SpaceX team meticulously prepares for the next stage of testing and development, viewers are treated to a visual feast of the massive rockets being maneuvered into place for their upcoming missions. The sheer size and power of these spacecraft are on full display, giving viewers a glimpse into the future of space exploration.

Throughout the video, detailed explanations and insights are provided into the technical aspects of the Starship project, offering a deeper understanding of the innovations and advancements that SpaceX is bringing to the aerospace industry. From engineering feats to design intricacies, the video provides a comprehensive overview of the progress being made on Booster 10 and Ship 28.

Whether you’re a die-hard space enthusiast or just eager to stay informed on the latest developments in the industry, this video is sure to captivate and inspire. Join TheSpaceXShow on this fascinating journey through the world of SpaceX and witness the next chapter in human space exploration.

Hello, we are TheSpaceXFans and welcome to TheSpaceXShow, the place where you can stay up to date with everything SpaceX. I couldn’t get any video of it to show, but on Thursday, SpaceX successfully launched their 11th mission of the year with the launch of PACE. The booster which launched this mission, B1081, then landed successfully for the 4th time on the landing pad at Landing Zone 1. Then on Friday, SpaceX successfully launched their 12th mission of the year with the launch of Starlink 7-13. The booster which launched this mission, B1071, then landed successfully for the 14th time on the droneship Of Course I Still Love You. SpaceX posted some information about this booster. They said “Over its 14 missions, this booster has delivered over 134 metric tons to space, including 279 Starlink satellites that help provide internet connectivity from almost anywhere on Earth.” Coming up this week, we can hopefully expect to a Starlink mission launch. The Starlink 7-14 mission is currently scheduled to launch on Tuesday 13th at 10:17pm UTC or 5:17pm EST. Also, later in the week, we can hopefully expect to see a couple of customer missions launch. The first of these, the IM-1/Nova C mission is currently scheduled for Wednesday 14th at 5:57am UTC or 12:57am EST. Then, later the same day we can hopefully expect to see a government mission to launch. The USSF-124 mission is currently scheduled for Wednesday 14th at 10:30pm UTC or 5:30pm EST. The Axiom 3 crew returned recently with SpaceX posting this information. They said “Dragon splashes down off the coast of Florida with Ax-3 astronauts on board, completing Axiom Space’s third mission to the space station.” Polaris posted some information related to when we could expect to see their first mission. It says “We are targeting no earlier than summer 2024 for launch of Polaris Dawn, the First of the Polaris Program’s three human spaceflights.” There was a picture of some propellant tanks heading to Florida and SpaceX’s VP of launch posted some information. He said “We are adding more propellant storage to the 39A Falcon pad. This will enable several consecutive prop load attempts on Falcon Heavy. Capability is super helpful for interplanetary missions that have a tight launch window. One less constraint to worry about for launch.” There was an interesting article related to SpaceX’s droneships potentially serving another purpose. It says “SpaceX’s drone ships have been designed to act as landing pads for rockets. But now the company is exploring using ships as “gateway” stations to bolster Starlink’s coverage at sea.” There was an article posted about the first major airline to add Starlink to its fleet of planes. It says “Hawaiian Airlines is rolling out complimentary Wi-Fi via SpaceX’s Starlink On board commercial flights this week, the companies told CNBC, the first major U.S. airline to offer the satellite-based service.” SpaceX posted information about the capacity added to the Starlink network with each v2 Starlink launch. They said “With each launch of our second generation Starlink satellites, we add ~2.2 Tbps of capacity to the constellation, allowing us to improve coverage and connect more people all around the world with high-speed internet from space.” Heading to Boca Chica, flight 3 preps continue around the orbital launch site. The crane at the launch site was seen raised. This column for the second launch tower was seen being delivered to Starbase. The launch tower 2 sections have started assembly properly now. Work continues on the expansion of Starfactory. There was some information posted related to SpaceX’s Roberts Road facility. It says “SpaceX has submitted updated site plans for the western site of its Roberts Road facilities (interestingly referred to as ‘Orange Grove project site’).” There was information from the FAA about what is needed for the next Starship launch license. It says “SpaceX has yet to submit all necessary information for the launch license modification. Statement by the FAA provided to NASASpaceflight.” I wanted to share an article with more details from SpaceX’s senior national security space solutions adviser about the DoD wanting to take ownership of Starship for specific missions. It says “We have had conversations … and it really came down to specific missions, where it’s a very specific and sometimes elevated risk or maybe a dangerous use case for the DOD where they’re asking themselves: Do we need to own it as a particular asset … SpaceX, can you accommodate that? We’ve been exploring all kinds of options to kind of deal with those questions.” Ship 28 was lifted onto the transport stand. After the flight 3 preparations, Booster 10 has been moved back to the launch site. LabPadre posted some information related to new welds spotted on Booster 10. They said “Two bands of new weld marks have appeared on B10’s aft section since it rolled back to Mega Bay on 2nd January. Could these be new super-duper slosh baffles in light of what happened to Booster 9?” Booster 10 was also lifted onto the orbital launch mount for launch preparations. SpaceX posted some pictures of both Booster 10 and Ship 28 rolling to the launch site. They said “Flight 3 Starship and Super Heavy move to the pad at Starbase.” I wanted to share this cool picture posted by Elon Musk. He said “Starship Super Heavy Rocket Booster (people for scale).” SpaceX have some possible closures for this coming week on the Cameron County website. There are currently possible closures tomorrow, Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th. TheRingWatchers posted this picture of a ring section sitting outside the Mega Bay. They said “And onto the next one – Super Heavy Booster 14’s aft tank #2 section is out and about at Starbase, and has been staged in front of Mega Bay 1.” To finish up the video today, we have an updated Starship production diagram to take a look at thanks to TheRingWatchers. Additionally, of course, there is also a Booster production diagram to take a look at as well. As always, I have to say thanks to both Mary, otherwise known as BocaChicaGal and Sean Doherty for being out there filming the Starbase content. Also, thanks to the NASASpaceflight team working behind the scenes on their videos, livestreams and other space content. That’s it for this episode of TheSpaceXShow, I hope you enjoyed the video, if you did, make sure to hit the like button and leave a comment down below. If you want to stay updated with SpaceX info, make sure to subscribe and press the bell icon to get notified when I upload. Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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